Interior Stylist – Tamsyn Morgans

This week we thought we’d talk about one of our favourite interior stylists Tamsyn Morgans. Creator of lifestyle blog and photo journal The Villa On Mount Pleasant, Tamsyn began sharing her love for all things vintage in 2013 as a hobby.

Since then she has been named the winner of the Best Use of Photography blog at the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018. So, if you’re like us and relish spending a good few hours poring over pretty pictures, then Tamsyn’s blog is definitely worth a peek!

We first worked with Tamsyn back in 2017. Wayfair U.K. set the challenge of creating the perfect reading nook featuring our Eversley armchair in oatmeal linen. And we were thrilled with the results! Tamsyn combined touches of vintage eclectic flair with tranquil hues to create a beautiful setting. It’s safe to say that we have a little interior crush on Tamsyn’s style, so we thought we’d ask her to explain it a little.

How would you describe your interior style?

I would describe my home style as comfortable, vintage eclectic. I love pieces that have a history and patina, or pieces that are made beautifully with a vintage vibe.  It’s a very comfortable home!

Tamsyn Morgan Dining Room

What is your favourite room in your house?

That’s a tricky one!  I love my bedroom as I have a gorgeous bay window with a beautiful view, lots of natural light streams in all day.  I often sit and work there, or my daughter sits and reads there.

Eversley Natural Armchair Bay Window

Out of all the items in your home, which is the one you love just that little bit more than the rest?

I have a vintage mint green storage cupboard in my dining room, which was an amazing find in a vintage furniture shop.

Tamsyn Morgan Green Cupboard

Sitting in your home is our Eversley armchair in oatmeal linen, tell us how you styled it.

The Eversley armchair is such a beautiful shape, which makes it so timeless.  I styled it really simply with a cushion and it sits in my bay window with a little table for books and a cup of tea.  It’s incredibly comfortable and it’s just right size for curling up in over the winter months.


When it comes to photography you have an extremely unique and beautiful style. How did you apply your creative flair when styling our Evie velvet cocktail chair?

Thank you so much!  The Evie cocktail chair is such a gorgeous design, so it’s all about finding a space to really show it off, then adding elements such as flowers and books.  I really wanted the rich colour of the velvets to stand out, so I kept the backdrops pale.  This is the perfect chair for any corner of your home!


We love working with Tamsyn and can’t wait for our next project together!

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