Velvet is a glorious fabric and it’s huge in interiors. Its resurgence over recent years is probably attributed to a few key reasons.
It’s a fabulously rich material which picks up the light in a certain way, meaning that velvet sofas and chairs often have greater colour depth to them than other materials. Have you seen how delicious a jewel tone sofa looks?!

Interior designers also favour velvet because it creates a sophisticated and luxurious look. If you want to add some fancy flair to your living room then velvet is definitely the place to start.

Plus a polyester velvet is an extremely popular upholstery choice because it’s a highly durable material. If treated to a bit of TLC from time to time, a velvet sofa will look fabulous and last you for years to come. Handy!

Charlotte Moonlight Grey Velvet Two Seater Sofa Thankfully the velvet love affair is an interior trend that shows no signs of slowing. Which is brilliant because we crush on this fabric pretty hard! There’s nothing quite like adding a little dash of velvety opulence to your home.

A sofa or a well placed accent chair is usually the main focus point of most living rooms. And for some, a rich velvet sofa or velvet chair could feel a little bit too extravagant. But we say embrace the bold and beautiful look!
Take a peek at these dreamy snaps. From sapphire blue to rust orange, these chairs depict just how scrumptious velvet furniture is and surprisingly how versatile it can be in different interior settings.

If your inner-interior voice is still doubtful, and you’re concerned that the fabric could be too heavy, pair it back by mixing in neutral linens, light woods, softer hues and plenty of foliage. Or perhaps to get you started on your velvet voyage, you could consider just a little nod to the luxe look with a velvet footstool. We’re sure that soon enough you’ll be head-over-heels in love with velvet and wanting to incorporate it into every room in your home!

Hopefully that’s whet your interior appetite and given you some velvet-inspired ideas for your home. Now to address the practicalities of this fabulous fabric.

All of our sofas, chairs and footstools are made from a high-quality polyester velvet. This means that it’s less susceptible to marking, crushing or fading. Our velvets also have a really high rub count (also known as the Martindale test). This just means that the fabrics are durable and stand up to a lot of daily wear and tear. They actually score high enough to be used in commercial properties like hotels where the footfall and daily usage is a lot higher than in a home. So your brand new velvet sofa or velvet accent chair will look sparkly and new for a very long time.

Now that you’re a velvet fanatic it’s important to consider the perfect colour for your brand new sofa or chair. Selecting just the right shade can help bring a room together. We know it can be tricky to see true colours online so please just ask us for a fabric swatch and we’ll be more than happy to send one out to you.

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